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Decision Making and Game AI

Introduction We are currently developing a construction and simulation game, Student Factory. As you may have surmised from the title, the setting is in a University and the objective, simple, create the next "batch" of well packaged, well polished, bug free, students...

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Math.NET for Unity

Math.NET for Unity is a port of the official Math.NET Numerics library. Math.NET Numerics is a mathematics library written in C#. It contains classes for:

Linear Algebra with support for Single, Double and Complex

  • Support for Dense and Sparce Matrices
  • Cholesky factorization
  • EVD factorization
  • Gram Schmidt decomposition
  • LU decomposition
  • QR decomposition
  • SVD decomposition
  • A number of iterative solvers

Random Number Generation

  • Multiplicative congruential generator
  • Mersenne Twister
  • Combined multiple recursive generator
  • Parallel additive lagged Fibonacci generator
  • Wichmann-Hill’s congruential generator
  • Xorshift generator

Probability and Statistics

  • 19 Continuous probability distributions
  • 10 Discrete disctributions

Special Functions


  • Linear regression
  • Multiple regression
  • Weighted regression


  • Barycentric interpolation
  • Cubic spline interpolation
  • Linear spline interpolation
  • Neville polynomial interpolation
  • Quadratic spline interpolation
  • Bulirsch Stoer rational interpolation

Differential Equation Solvers

  • Adams Bashforth solver
  • Runge Kutta second and fourth order solver

Numerical Integration and Differentiation

Function Sampling
More than 1300 pages of documentation
and more…

Math.NET for Unity Now Available at Unity Asset Store!

  • Math.NET for Unity Lite
  • Math.NET for Unity Pro
  • Ioannis Giagkiozis

    Ioannis Giagkiozis

    Director, Lead Developer

    The Borg of Bismur Studios. Ioannis is the lead developer of our first upcoming title, provides support for our Unity assets and runs our forums.

    Margarita Fotiadou

    Margarita Fotiadou

    Director, Lead Artist

    Margarita is in charge of all things creative. She designs all art for our upcoming title (including the grass..) and handles our finances.